Project Description

Remote Office Setup

Make sure you or your employees can safely continue to operate away from the Office. Our custom solutions will ensure you can keep your business up and running without having to be present at the office!


How does it work?

We offer a variety of customised solutions for every need including:

  • Remote Computer Operation: Use existing office computers away whilst away from work.

    • Pros:

      • Use existing infrastructure
      • Quick setup
      • Can cancel license if not required
    • Cons:

      • Can only use computers remotely. i.e. 1 remote session per office computer
      • Office computers have to be running during remote sessions
      • Expensive in the long run

  • Remote Desktop: Operate multiple users through a Windows Remote Desktop operation via a server setup.

    • Pros:

      • Multiple users per Server
      • Easily add/remove users, cheaper than Remote Computer Operation in the long run
    • Cons:

      • Requires Static IP (We can organise)
      • May need additional licenses (Microsoft Office etc.)

  • Cloud Computing: Operate multiple users through secure Cloud services

    • Pros:

      • Extremely Scalable
      • No infrastructure required in the office
      • Protection from data loss – Remain online and secured even if your office equipment is lost or stolen!
    • Cons:

      • Expensive to setup
      • Complex architecture (We provide various affordable support subscriptions)


  • Quick turnaround and Cost-Effective services

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Professional Approach

  • Risk Mitigation

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Auditax Accountants offer a wide array of Accounting services to businesses throughout Australia.

SMSF Setup

Auditax Accountants have a lot of experience in setting up an SMSF. From paperwork to handling SISA & SISR compliance matters, we will ensure your SMSF gets the best start.

SMSF Compliance

Our team consists of qualified Chartered Accountants who provide tailored financial advice in relation to all your Superannuation matters including Self Managed Superfunds.

SMSF Audit

We provide trusted, efficient and cost effective SMSF Audit services to SMSF Trustees and Accountants. Our audit professionals have a breadth of experience and technical expertise.

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We provide bookkeeping, payroll processing, employer super guarantee and management reporting solutions for businesses with constant support to ensure compliance.

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