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Annual self-managed super fund audits are compulsory in Australia and must be performed by an independent auditor who is listed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Auditax provides SMSF Audit Services to SMSF trustees and accountants throughout Australia.

An SMSF auditor is accountable for examining a fund’s financial statements and evaluating its compliance with relevant superannuation laws. It is the duty of the SMSF auditor to account all non-compliance matters and report them to the fund administrators.

SMSF Auditors Perth

Why should you choose Auditax?

Quick turnaround and Cost-Effective services
Client Satisfaction
Independent Auditors
Professional Approach
Risk Mitigation
Identification of Compliance issues

SMSF Auditor Perth

Our accountants have a lot of experience in conducting SMSF Audits. One of the most important aspects of ensuring SMSF Compliance is its audit. Since all SMSFs require an annual audit, therefore it is very important to involve a professional auditor. Auditax provide trusted, efficient and cost effective SMSF Audit services to SMSF Trustees and Accountants. We are proud to say that we are well versed with the required expertise and hands on experience.

Contact SMSF Auditors

You can reach out to us by giving us a call and directly talking with one of our SMSF auditors who would be happy to assist you with your queries. Alternatively, you may fill out the contact us form below and we will give you a call back after reviewing your query. We also have an online booking tool and book an over the phone appointment or meet in person. If we do find any sensitive information during the audit, we let the fund administrators know about it as soon as possible.

Our SMSF Audit Service

We provide you with an option of submitting either physical documents or through electronic submission. Our e-doc service can save you time and is a convenient way for you to submit your documents to us. You can email your docs to our email address or drop them off at our office in Perth.

Along with ensuring accuracy through our strict quality management system, our accountants from Perth provide affordable services. We make sure to conduct your SMSF audit on a timely basis and accurately so that there are no penalties and expenses which may be levied by the ATO. Most importantly, if you are already our SMSF client, then we provide a complimentary SMSF audit service, that means you will not be charged as the SMSF audit fees is already included in the SMSF package fees.

Our team of accountants is best in their field and adhere to SIS regulation while conducting auditing services. We take Australian Auditing Standards very seriously and make sure to provide with specialised services to each and every client. This allows us to serve a variety of client including SMSF Trustees, SMSF Accountants and SMSF Advisors. Our accountants conduct work with complete integrity and maintain complete confidentiality about the trustee and fund members.


We also offer other SMSF Accounting services to clients throughout Australia.

SMSF Setup

Auditax Accountants have a lot of experience in setting up an SMSF. From paperwork to handling SISA & SISR compliance matters, we will ensure your SMSF gets the best start.

SMSF Audit

We provide trusted, efficient and cost effective SMSF Audit services to SMSF Trustees and Accountants. Our audit professionals have a breadth of experience and technical expertise.

SMSF Compliance

Our team consists of qualified Chartered Accountants who provide tailored financial advice in relation to all your Superannuation matters including Self Managed Superfunds.




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