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Every individual in Australia is bound to pay an income tax unless their income is exempt or falls within the exemption limit. It is better to lodge the returns before the deadline so that no penalty is levied by the ATO.

If you are also looking for an expert to file your individual tax return for any year then you may reach the Auditax team by making use of the online booking tool or the contact us form. Our team of experts will reach out to you to understand your circumstances. We ask you some questions to understand s your case better and work out maximum returns. After finalizing your return, we double-check the return to make sure all deductions and offsets have been properly accounted for.

Services by Auditax

We strive to give our clients an amazing experience when they avail any service from us. If you are concerned about your individual tax return then here is what all we have to offer:

  • Lodgement of individual tax returns with the ATO
  • Lodgement of the overdue tax returns
  • Tax planning for minimizing tax liability
  • Negotiation with the ATO for penalty remission
  • Correction of any discrepancies in the prior returns
  • Guidance for deductions that can be claimed
  • Handling any dispute with ATO regarding your tax returns

For getting our assistance you may reach out to us for a discussion. You can share your tax documents through different modes such as email, cloud, or in person. Our team will then analyze your documents and guide you through the process.

Due Dates for Lodging Individual Tax Returns

For every financial year ending on 30th June, the deadline to lodge the tax return is 31st October. Thus, you have a period of four months to lodge your return. For example, for the tax return 2020, the due date shall be 31st October 2020.
If due to any unavoidable reason you feel that you would not be able to lodge your return by 31st October then you can seek for an extension by sending a written notice to the ATO before the said deadline.

Lodge Tax Return with a Registered Tax Agent

There is a special privilege that the registered tax agents enjoy regarding the deadline. They are registered for a special lodgement program which allows them to file the tax returns of their clients after the normal deadline of 31st October.  The due date might vary according to your circumstances and you can consult your tax agent for the same.

The tax agents are required to be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and if you are planning to select a registered tax agent for your tax returns then you may get in touch with Auditax as we meet the eligibility criteria for a registered tax agent. We will help you lodge your returns with the ATO within the prescribed deadline so that you do not incur any penalty. We can guide you about ways in which you can save taxes taking a legal recourse. That is what tax planning is all about!

Lodging Prior Years’ Individual Tax Returns

In case, you have an overdue tax return for any of the previous years, then it is important that you lodge the same without any further delay. Lodging overdue tax returns attract penalty from the AO which may range from $210 to $1,050 for a small entity.

For filing an overdue tax return, you need to appoint a tax return accountant as it can’t be filed by an individual on his own. You can also communicate with the ATO to request for remission of the penalty. The ATO may at his discretion allow the remission of the penalty based on the facts and the amount of penalty.

Auditax has a team of tax return accountants who could help you file your overdue tax returns for the prior years and get in touch with the ATO on your behalf for the remission of penalties.

How Can You Lodge Your Tax Return Yourself ?

If you choose to lodge your return on your own then you can do so by following two ways:

Online Mode

You can file your tax return online through myTax after creating a myGov account. You need to link your account to the ATO after which you can access the ATO services online.

Paper Mode

If you wish to lodge a paper tax return then you can do so by making use of tax return for individuals and the individual tax return instructions and lodge the return via mail.

Lodging an individual tax return on your own requires a good understanding of claims that can be taken as deductions. If you are not sure about what expenses can be claimed in your tax return then it is better that you involve tax professionals such as Auditax so that you minimize your tax liability and also save yourself from the headache that may be caused if the tax return is filed incorrectly.

Steps for Filing Individual Tax Returns

Here is the description of the step-by-step process that we follow at Auditax for lodging your individual tax returns.

1. Gather Information

When we connect with you, we obtain information about your occupation, sources of income, tax return file, and other relevant factors. During a conversation with your, our team will interview about some questions to understand the possible deductions and exemptions that can be claimed in your case. Also, if any particular information about your previous tax returns is not available with you, then we can help you extract the same from the ATO tax agent portal.

2. Preparation of Tax Return

Once we have all the information our team of tax return accountants prepares your tax return. If we require any additional information then we arrange a call with you within 24 hours.  After compiling the final information, we provide you with a complete copy of the tax return.

3. Review

After you receive a copy of your tax return prepared by our tax return accountants you can review the same at your end. If you feel any gaps are there you may give us a call and we would get the same resolved and share the final tax return with you.

4.Expert Review and Return Lodgement

When you give your heads up regarding the copy of your income tax return our senior tax experts go through it once again to ensure 100% accuracy and thereafter, lodge the return with the ATO.

5.Receive Your Tax Refund

If refund is due to you on your income tax return then you would usually receive your tax refund within 7-12 working days. You must ensure to get your returns filed within the deadline to ensure faster income tax refunds.


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From preparing and assisting you with your tax return and providing tax accountant services we go the extra mile to help you avoid late payment fees and other penalties.

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