Grants for Small Business in Australia | Auditax Accountants

Where can you find grants for Small Businesses in Australia?

In this video, we cover Australian Small Business Grants in all the states including NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, TAS, SA and the ACT from various sources including national, state and local level governments as well as private enterprises.

The links we have used are provided below:
Australian Government Business Grants & Support
Western Australia (WA) Business Grants & Support
Victoria (VIC) Business Grants & Support
New South Wales (NSW) Business Grants & Support
Queensland (QLD) Business Grants & Support
Northern Territory (NT) Business Grants & Support
South Australia (SA) Business Grants & Support
Tasmania (TAS) Business Grants & Support
City of Melbourne Business Grants & Support
Google Business Support


What kinds of grants are available for businesses?

There are a variety of grants available that can assist business owners either through financial incentives or business coaching & mentoring support by professionals.

How do you qualify for a business grant?

The qualification requirements vary between each grant however the factors that can limit you are:

  • Minimum or Maximum Revenue Caps
  • Minimum or Maximum Number of Employees
  • Previous use of the Grant
  • Time Limited Grants