Lodge Tax Online

Thanks for choosing Auditax Accountants for filling your tax online. Auditax is amongst the finest tax accountants for lodging your tax returns and you may use our Online Tax Return Lodgment service for your 2020 Tax Return or Overdue Tax Returns. The process is quite simple! We will ensure you get your maximum legal deductions including but not limited to:

  • Work from Home Deductions
  • Work Related Expenses (Uniform, Laundry etc.)
  • Self-Education Related Expenses
  • Offsets and Rebates

Our team of experienced tax return accountants have all the expertise to provide you with maximum tax return entitlement with no hassles what so ever. We are always open to answer your queries and provide you with best solutions and resolutions to your problems when ever they pop up.

If you have an overdue tax return from 2010 to the current Tax return 2020 all can be lodged both physically as well as tax return online services with Auditax. You can fill out the Online Tax Return Form and we will contact you via phone or video call for your tax return. Once we receive your inquiry our team of tax return agents will contact you at your convenience to finalise your Tax Return. After that, you can rest easy and we will keep you up to date with the progress of your Online Tax Return.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our tax return agents who are very professional in nature and believe in transparent ways of working.

Though we are always there for you from start to finish in order to file your online tax return, it is best practise to prepare ahead in order to help us achieve the best outcome for you. Following are some of the tips for filing a tax return online with Auditax Accountants:

  • Use the Online Tax Return form or the Email as an opportunity to tell us as much information about yourself as possible. Of course though, our specialist accountants will always strive to get the most detail out of you during the interview itself in order to find out every possible legal deduction you may claim!
  • Have your records handy for our Accountants to review. We will ensure you do not get penalised by the Australian Tax Office!
  • The “yes “and “no “questions are very important; these questions lay the foundation for other sub questions. If you are not very clear about then, then take time and research and come back later – If you have any queries when filling out the form, feel free to call us for support earlier!
  • Please ensure your contact details are correct to ensure there are no delays on your Tax Return.

We accept document and record submission through multiple sources including Email, In Person and via the Cloud. You can remain online throughout the process.

**Note: Dependents are children under 21 years old OR 21 to 24 years old and a full-time student.

As mentioned above we always further advance your knowledge on how to maximise tax deductions by finding out as much information about your circumstances as possible and linking it with the numerous years of experience our skilled Tax Agents have.

We abide by our mission to provide our clients with the best services and are always willing to provide them with quality advise by our team of experienced tax accountants.

We provide a wide range of services

  • Tax Return Services for Individuals, Sole proprietors, Partnership, Companies and Trusts;
  • Tax planning for the future;
  • Filling overdue tax returns;
  • Solving past discrepancies in tax returns;
  • Penalty negotiation with ATO;
  • Filling of working holiday visa tax return;

If you have a working holiday visa tax return to file, then you are Auditax Accountants are highly experienced in tax returns for Working Holiday Visa earners. You may use our Free Tax Calculator for estimating your refund and then fiill out our online form for tax returns.

The best part about working holiday visa tax return is that the visa type and the number of hours does not restrict you in filing tax return. This tax is deducted from each salary you and appears on your paychecks, which is known as “PAYG Withholding”. All working holiday visas makers are taxed at 15% up to the first $37 000 which is different from Australian residents for tax purposes.